17 Jun

Decolonising Development

On June 27th, I will be hosting a generative dialogue on decolonising development with Jamie Pett, co-founder of London International Development Network, Arbie Baguios of LSE International Development Society (DESTIN) and Tobi Ijitoye.

The evening will be grounded in generous listening and a careful deliberation of our everyday work as development practitioners. In our discussions, we will acknowledge what is and take responsibility for what might be.

Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/decolonising-development-tickets-46914331027

Tickets are very limited as we intend to create a space for mutual exchange of insights, experiences and collaborative work and there are only so many people you can do that with in one physical space!

I’m so excited and grateful to hold the space with you on the 27th. This evening will be special.

If you want to kickstart the conversation, please share your comments below or Tweet me @Marion_AO

See you! X


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